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1001 ZYB’s Biology

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Bsetcoder 61题解


1001 Game

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1001 Movie (hdu 5214)

Problem Description

Cloud and Miceren like watching movies.
Today, they want to choose some wonderful scenes from a movie. A movie has N scenes can be chosen, and each scene is associate with an interval [L, R]. L is the beginning time of the scene and R is the ending time. However, they can’t choose two scenes which have overlapping intervals. (For example, scene with [1, 2] and scene with [2, 3], scene with [2, 5] and scene with[3, 4]).
Now, can you tell them if they can choose such three scenes that any pair of them do not overlap?
Since there are so many scenes that you can’t get them in time, we will give you seven parameters N, L1, R1, a, b, c, d, and you can generate L1 ~ LN, R1 ~ RN by these parameters.

POJ 1577

Falling Leaves

Problem Description

Figure 1 shows a graphical representation of a binary tree of letters. People familiar with binary trees can skip over the definitions of a binary tree of letters, leaves of a binary tree, and a binary search tree of letters, and go right to The problem.
A binary tree of letters may be one of two things:

  1. It may be empty.
  2. It may have a root node. A node has a letter as data and refers to a left and a right subtree. The left and right subtrees are also binary trees of letters.